Thirteen Reasons Why
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The Next Day After Mailing the Tapes
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Mrs. Bradley’s class, also known as peer communications, was Hannah’s new safe haven now that she no longer had olly-olly-oxen free.  No one was allowed to talk about other people behind their backs, make rude comments, or snicker.  At the back of her classroom each student had a paper bag.  Other students anonymously put notes in each other’s bags.  We are introduced to Zach in this chapter.   At Rosie’s diner Zach was dared by his friends to ask out Hannah, but she did not look at him, and barely talked to him, so he did not get that date that he thought he would get.  To get back at Hannah, Zach stole all of the nice notes that were in her paper bag.  Hannah knew that something was up so she wrote herself a note.  The next day it was not in her bag anymore.  As well as the student’s bags, Mrs. Bradley had a bag.  Hannah wrote her a note telling her about her suicidal thoughts.  In class they had a discussion about this note, everyone was very helpful, and supportive but there was one girl who said what everyone was thinking, “It’s like the person who wrote this note just wants attention.  If they really wanted help they would have wrote their name.”




         This chapter begins with Hannah saying that the peer communications class was her safe haven. Kind of like how the olly-olly-oxen free was for her before.  I think that this was the one thing that made her decide to kill herself.  The paper bags were an opportunity for students to write encouraging notes to one another.  That is all that Hannah needed, an encouraging note.  After Zach took them all out she figured that no one noticed her participating in class, her new haircut, or just her being there.  The note that she put in Mrs. Bradley’s paper bag about suicide could have been a turning point for her.  Everyone was offering to help her, but then when that one person said that whoever I t was just needed attention things started spiraling down.  If the class had reached out to her, and someone had noticed her, they would have been able to help.  And maybe prevent her from killing herself.  But no one cared, and no one came to her rescue.


By: Hallie Berger, Adam Gorman, Becca Millman, Ari Terebelo