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Oh my dollar valentines, what a cute idea.  It was a fun activity at cheer camp.  You take a survey, and it matches you up with one or four guys who you would be compatible with. Hannah was not pared up with the one person who she wanted to get.  The one reason why she was taking the survey was to be paired up with him.  Clay on the other hand did not take the survey seriously.  He filled it out as a fictional character, not as himself.  Clay regrets this, because he loved Hannah, and if he had filled it out seriously, he would have for sure been paired up with her. 

Marcus Cooley asked Hannah out for valentines day.  She was not sure if it was a joke or not so she agreed to go.  They went on a “date” at Rosie’s, an ice cream place.  Thirty minutes later Marcus showed up, very late.  When he showed up he was not alone.  He wanted to get her into the booth in the back, squished against the wall.  Marcus started to feel Hannah, and no matter how many times she told him to stop his response was always, “its okay, don’t worry about it!”  no one tried to help her, or get him off, even though it was pretty obvious that something was wrong.  It was because of this that Hannah started wondering what he would do if one day she just wasn’t at school anymore (killed herself)



Cassette 3 side B (analysis)


The five people on the oh my dollar valentines may seem like they would be a good pair for someone, like Marcus and Hannah.  But when it comes down to it you realize that first impressions mean nothing.  These people that you thought would be good together end up being total opposites.  Guys use you for what they want.  They saw Hannah as a target, and they took advantage of it.  Getting into her head any way that they could.  Marcus asked her out, and then took advantage of her, not expecting her to stop him or say anything.  Oh boy was he wrong.  Girls are not pieces of meat, you can’t just do what you want with them and then throw them away.  Someone at Rosie’s should have seen her and stopped what was going on.  In fact they did see her, so why didn’t they stop it?  Is it because people are too aught up in what is going on with them to stop and realize what is going on around them? If someone had stopped him, then maybe just maybe Hannah wouldn’t have stated having her thoughts about suicide.  It was because of what happened at Rosie’s that Hannah started thinking, “I wonder what he would feel like if one day a girl like me, or me, just didn’t show up to school?”  This was the beginning of her suicidal thoughts.  And all of it could have been stopped, if someone had seen the worry in her eyes, and helped her.  


By: Hallie Berger, Adam Gorman, Becca Millman, Ari Terebelo