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Courtney Crimesen, the person every girl wanted to be, and every boy wanted to date.  But was this really who Courtney was, or was it all just an act?  In Hannah Bakers eyes, all of Courtney’s niceness was fake.  Yes she was the nice, popular, gorgeous girl in school.  This was only for one reason though, her reputation.  After Courtney and Hannah posed for some risqué pictures taken by the infamous Tyler, also known as the peeping tom, Hannah thought that they had bonded, and maybe would become friends.  School the next day was just like any other day.  However, Courtney talked to Hannah in class.  After the bell rang Courtney left without one word to Hannah, not even bye. 

A party is the one thing that would bring Hannah and Courtney together again.  A party that Hannah was not planning on going to, but after some pushing by Courtney she finally gave in.  Hey this would be a good chance to become closer friends with Courtney, right?  Wrong!  After Hannah and Courtney got to the party, Hannah was ditched, left at the door, while Courtney went on to talk to other people.  Hannah had been used, and it was quite obvious.  As Hannah gets sick of the party and decides to leave, none other that Tyler is standing at the gate, camera and all.  Hannah grabbed Tyler by the arm and walked with him over to Courtney.  Payback Courtney!! Now the whole school would see her and Hannah together, in a picture that could not be erased.

While listening to these tapes, Clay takes the bus to his next stop.  D-4, the hose of Courtney.  While on the bus he runs into his 8th grade crush, Skye Miller.  Instead of taking the bus to Courtney’s house, he takes the bus to a spot between Courtney, and Tyler’s houses.  En he finally gets to Tyler’s house he runs onto Marcus Cooley.  Tyler’s window is cracked, everyone who has visited his house has thrown a rock through his window.  It makes them feel better.  Tyler’s window is not held together with silver duct tape. 



Courtney is the perfect example of most teenage girls.  Not necessarily fake, but she hides things about herself, and puts on an act to cover them up.  Most teenage girls are scared to let others know what they are really like.  Courtney will do anything for her reputation, trying to get everyone to like her.  It was so wrong in so many different ways for Courtney to use Hannah like that.  Not only did she use Hannah as a ride to the party, she ditched her when they got there.  Hannah had every right to do what she did.  A picture of them together, looking like they were having fun was the perfect revenge.  Not everyone would know that Courtney was with Hannah.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and although the people in it may seem happy, they have secrets behind their eyes, and lies behind their smiling lips. 

Clays path to Tyler’s house was a journey itself.  He gets re united with a childhood friend, Skye.  This must be fate.  I think that the duct tape holding together Tyler’s window symbolizes that what he did by taking pictures of Hannah broke her, just like the ball broke his window.  And no matter how many times you try to fix it, it will always be broken.  You will always be reminded of what you did, the duct tape will always be there to remind him.

       Hannah just needed a real friend.  Someone to say hi to her in the halls, and say bye to her after class.  Someone who she could go to parties with as friends, not just a ride home.  Someone who was there for her, and didn’t just use her for his or her own reputation.  Courtney could have been this person, but she wasn’t.  it was all an act put on to make her seem like someone she was not. 


By: Hallie Berger, Adam Gorman, Becca Millman, Ari Terebelo