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            Cassette seven tells the story of the last person on the tapes, Mr. Porter. He is not only Hannah’s English teacher, but he is also her school social worker and he had the opportunity to make all the difference. If would have really listened to Hannah, then the outcome of the book may have been different.

            Hannah goes to him seeking advice as to how to still be enthusiastic about life after these past few terrible months.  They talk about what has changed in her life and how she can attempt to over come it all. In the end though, his only advice to press charges or to move on with life. Hannah does not find either option appealing and storms out of the office. Mr. Porter tried to stop her verbally, although he should have attempted to physically stop her.

            As Clay is listening to this all he is sitting in Eisenhower Park, the place where it all began. He cannot hold back his anger or emotion and screams out loud “no” over and over again. In the end he begins to cry, and realizes how much he truly misses Hannah.



            This chapter is so important because it shows how Hannah branched out and attempted to be saved. She wanted someone to notice that her life was going down hill and she needed someone to help her up. All she wanted was for someone to reach out and stop her from what she was about to do which is why Mr. Porter is such an important character, making his tape one of the most important tapes.

            We realize that Mr. Porter could be blamed for the death of Hannah Baker and that if her parents truly wanted to they could press charges against him. This relates back to the piece of advice that he gave Hannah, pressing charges against the boy that raped her.

            The significance of this chapter is the impact that people’s decision’s has on others lives. One small decision that Mr. Porter made resulted in the death of one of his students. All he had to do was focus on Hannah’s problem and help her make the right decision, but instead he makes the wrong one which has a huge impact on Hannah’s life.



By: Hallie Berger, Adam Gorman, Becca Millman, Ari Terebelo