Thirteen Reasons Why
Reasoning for Characters Last Names (Extra)
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Reasoning for Characters Last Names
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Justin Foley Foley-  Sound effects created for a film.  In the novel, this character spread rumors of Hannah, so it is fitting that his last name deals with "making sound".
Alex Standall Stand- To remain valid or efficacious <the order given last week still stands>.  This boy made a list with Hannah on it.  This list effected Hannah for the rest of her life.
Jessica Davis Davis-  This is the last name of the president of the Confederacy.  He broke ties with the north.  This character in the novel decided to no longer be friends with Hannah, so she shares the last name with someone who did a similar act.
Tyler Down Down-  Toward or in a lower physical position.  This boy stalked Hannah.  Once Hannah caught him, she had to close her blinds.  This brought her feeling of privacy down.
Courtney Crimsen Crimson-  to become crimson (to blush).  This girl took Hannah to a party and at the party spread rumors about Hannah.  These rumors embarrassed Hannah.  People, when they are embarrassed, blush, so since this girl embarrassed Hannah, her last name is "to blush."
Marcus Cooly Cool-  hip.  This boy tried to act cool by asking Hannah out on a date.  So this gives him the last name "Cooly" because he tried to act cool.
Zach Dempsey Dempsey-  This is the last name of an  champion boxer.  A boxer injures people.  He injured Hannah emotionally by taking away notes of encouragement that Hannah's friends left.  So he shares a last name with a boxer.
Ryan Shaver Shave- To remove a thin layer from.  In the novel, this character sees through the first layer of Hannah's poem and found the inner meaning.  So he basically shaved off the outer layer of the poem.  Therefore his last name was "Shaver."
Clay Jensen Jensen-  This is an audio/visual company.  Clay gets this last name because in the novel he listens to Hannah's story through tapes and sees the places were Hannah went.  Therefore, his last name matches that of an audio/visual company
Jenny Kurtz Kurtz sounds a lot like karts, which are small motorized vehicles.  In the book, Jenny drives Hannah from the party to Hannah's house.  So her last name sounds like karts, a type of cars.;
Bryce Walker Walker-  a framework designed to support a baby learning to walk or an infirm or disabled person.  At this point in the novel Hannah is broken emotionally.  But, if she was broken physically then she would need a walker.  And if someone would take away she would fall down.  In the novel, Bryce rapes Hannah.  This takes away her only crutch left in living.
Mr. Porter Port-  The place were ships leave a city or town.  This person was the last thing standing between Hannah and her final decision.  When this person could not help, Hannah left this world.  This is just like a ship at a port.  This is the last pace that a ship is before it leaves.  So, since this was the last person Hannah saw, his last name is Porter.


By: Hallie Berger, Adam Gorman, Becca Millman, Ari Terebelo